Hotels automation

The impression of the level of services  starts from the lobby.

Modern 4-5 stars hotels, along with beautiful interiors, good design and quality service should provide maximum comfort for their customers throughout their stay.


Integrated hotel automation is one of the ways to increase the level of comfort for customers and reduce operating costs for building maintenance. Automating your room with our equipment will make your customers feel at home.

Using RFID cards

The most advanced technology used to identify a guest, to date, is RFID technology, the use of various tags such as contactless cards, bracelets, stickers ... other,


room key


access to events and attractions


cashless payments

This technology is easy to use and has a high degree of protection against forgery, resistance to environmental influences, for example, bracelets are especially popular in hotels-resorts. They do not need to be removed while swimming in the sea, visiting water rides, it is also easy to use additional paid services on the beach without having cash with you.

touch in room3.png

High sensitivity touch switches

with a surface of tempered glass fit perfectly into any interior.

Among the advantages: durability, wear resistance, resistance to pollution and burnout.

                The low voltage used in the panels allows them to be placed in wet rooms.

The appearance of touch panels is more informative in contrast to classic switches and allows you to easily understand their purpose.

Background color, icon images, logos can be made in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

swith1 button black.png
SWITH8 BUTTON black.png
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Curtain black.png
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Room Automation (GRMS)

Automation in the room is no less important than a good design, high-quality finish, expensive bathroom accessories.

Our equipment solves most of the tasks of creating comfortable conditions in the room.

A smart touch panel can replace archaic controls for lighting, air conditioning and heating, curtains and blinds, and other equipment in the room.

It can also be used to call various services in a room.


Maids will instantly receive notifications of all calls coming from the serviced rooms and will be able to respond to them in a timely manner.


Receptionists also get full control over all the functionality available in the room.

They can remotely monitor the status of all systems, as well as manage them from their workplace, including opening the door lock in the room.

Hotel door locks

открытие двери смартфоном2.jpg

Along with the use of RFID cards, it is possible to use a smartphone that has an NFC module with the application installed to open the lock.


Cloud solutions allow you to access the functionality through the device's web browser without installing any third-party applications.

Hotel Room1.jpg
рука отель.png

All control functionality in the room is also available from the application installed on the guest’s smartphone.

Lighting and climate control in the halls


Landscape lighting control


Irrigation control


The automation of general engineering systems will significantly simplify the work of technical and support staff. Our equipment will independently take care of maintaining the required temperature in public places, such as corridors, halls, restaurants, recreation areas, timely turn on the lighting of the building landscape lighting, will carry out watering of plants.

Detailed information on the operation of all engineering systems is available in real-time to hotel staff according to distributed access rights.


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