Do you need

the Smart Home?

An objective answer to this question can only be given by a person whose apartment or house is equipped with such a system and who has operating experience for at least several months.

I have repeatedly heard from people that it is not necessary, you can do without it, it is expensive, the costs of this will not pay off, and so on, so on ...

In response, I want to give examples from history where their colleagues in recent times have made similar arguments for cars with automatic transmissions, electric windows and air conditioning, and TV with remote controls.

Fortunately, the times mentioned are already history, and the continuous development of scientific and technological progress provides a person with more and more opportunities to get rid of routine operations and conditions for a convenient and comfortable living in his home, which is equipped with more and more new and often sophisticated equipment every day.

Also, it can not but rejoice the fact that the cost of equipment for smart home systems has significantly decreased in recent years, which allows you to seriously compete in price with classical control systems that are equipped with household engineering equipment and at the same time provide the user with a wider range of communications with this equipment, great convenience and simplicity in managing complex equipment, an intuitive interface and other advantages.

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