Cloud automation service


Access apps anywhere, anytime


Can be used on mobile devices


Cross-platform - available in the browser of any device


Access to the latest technology with minimal risk


High security of storing confidential data


Separated access rights


Optimization of expenses for the maintenance of the IT structure


Flexible settings for the power of used resources


Payment only for used resources


Cost savings (compared with using real servers)

Create your own projects for automation, monitoring and dispatching, and manage your objects through the browser of any device.


The current version only supports the Modbus TCP protocol

What is needed for this:

1 . Go to and register an account, for which enter a valid email as login and enter a password (at least 5 characters). A confirmation link will be sent to the specified email address. After confirming the email, the account will become active.


2 . Login to the created account. For just registered users, the Demo subscription is automatically activated. At the top (header) of the page there is a button to call the site navigation menu, as well as links to documentation and to download the development environment.


3 . To test the service, you can use the Demo subscription. All the functionality of the service is available in this subscription, the limitation applies to the number of uploaded projects, the number of channels in the project and the time of continuous operation of the Monitor utility (for more details, see the Subscriptions tab.

4 . After testing the functionality of the service, choose the subscription that best suits you from the proposed configurations. If no one of the subscriptions doesn't satisfy your demands, write to our support team and we can offer a configuration that suits your requirements, including the providing of dedicated servers.


User interface

The user interface includes 5 sections:

1. Projects - the main page for uploading and managing projects.

2. Profile - here the user can change the password for the signed account

3. Subscriptions - used to select a subscription that suits the user's requirements.

4. Logs - the logging of the project's work (polling of the slaves and system messages) is displayed here.

5. Log - saved channel values are displayed here.