Greenhouse automation

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In the life cycle of any business, soon or later the moment comes when it is necessary to increase productivity and reduce costs. At first glance, it seems that these are mutually exclusive concepts, however, experienced entrepreneurs know that both problems can be solved together - by automating key processes. This issue is especially relevant for the owners of greenhouse farms.

Thanks to complex automation, an ordinary greenhouse can turn into a high-tech facility capable of caring for crops as well as any grower.

What do you need for this?

To make such a solution and achieve the desired result, three main components are required:


A set of sensors that read certain parameters, such as sensors for air and soil temperature, humidity, illumination, CO 2 and others


Actuators such as pumps and valves for irrigation systems, lighting and heating devices, drives for ventilation and air humidification systems.


Controllers that collect information from sensors, process the received information, and control the listed actuators, according to the given logic.


Visualization and control panel. It can be a personal computer, tablet or smartphone with the appropriate software installed, which provides full monitoring of parameters and control of the system operation.


For large farms, a server may be required that integrates many autonomous areas into a single system to collect and accumulate statistics on the collected data, their processing, equipment operation, modes, failures, and other situations

Our company, as a manufacturer of controllers and software, offers turnkey solutions for agricultural enterprises of various profiles and scales, including the development of automated systems for individual technical specifications.

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