Electronic locks and access control


Today, decent hotels can not be imagined without the use of modern access control and security systems, most popular are electronic locks of various types and purposes, the use of which, together with the corresponding software, can significantly simplify the solution of tasks such as access control to rooms hotel, various recreation areas, as well as technical rooms with limited access.

Types of systems used in hotels

Among the most popular hotel lock systems used to access to the hotel’s rooms are electronic-mechanical locks, which differ in the type of cards (keys).

contact cards (with magnetic stripe)

contactless cards (RFID)

   According to the type of communication of the locks with service software, they are distinguished

online systems

offline systems

We will not consider locks with contact cards as obsolete and displaced devices from the market. Let us dwell in more detail on the difference between online and offline systems


Offline systems - in this performance, each lock normally operates as an autonomous microcomputer and is not connected to other locks or a central computer.


  • ease of installation and use

  • lower price compared to the online system


  • the impossibility of online monitoring of lock (door) opening events

  • the inability to remotely control access rights on the card (cancellation/renewal, change of access zones)

  • inability to remotely load authorized cards into the lock memory

  • the need to use additional equipment for programming locks and reading the event log

  • the inability to remotely control the battery level

  • the inability to remotely open the lock.

online systems - in this version, all the locks and the central computer are integrated into a single network.


  • Possibility of online monitoring of lock (door) opening events

  • the ability to remotely control access rights on the card (cancellation/renewal, change of access zones)

  • the ability to remotely load allowed cards into the lock memory

  • the ability to remotely control the battery level

  • the ability to remotely open the lock.

  • the ability to use a smartphone instead of cards (in separate systems) to open the lock


  • higher price compared to offline systems.

Our solutions

Considering all of the above, we offer you exclusive solutions developed by our company for hotels with different budgets for the implementation of access control systems for rooms and other rooms and areas with limited access.

   All the solutions proposed below are online systems, and therefore provide users with all of the listed advantages.

From the cheapest to more expensive

Option 1. Electromechanical latch + card reader


The most budget option. It allows you to choose almost any mechanical lock with a latch, or just a mechanical latch. In this case, the outer handle is fixed or disconnected from the opening mechanism. The door is held closed by the counterpart to the lock - an electromechanical latch controlled by the RFID card reader controller

Option 2. Electronic lock + external control panel for the lock, indication of the room number, call status and call button


The outer panel is located on the wall, next to the door. It is used to read contactless cards and control the lock, display the room number, logo and hotel name, call status, it also has a touch call button. The design of the panel (logo and hotel name, icon images and signatures under them) can be made in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

The design of this lock allows you to use any standard handle in accordance with the design decision of interior design.

Electronic locks used in this system can be of two types:

  1. Locks with wired connection.

For this type, the power supply of the lock and control is carried out from the external panel through a cable that is supplied to the lock through a special door loop. The advantage of this design is the lack of a battery compartment and, accordingly, the cost of purchasing batteries, controlling their charge and replacing.


2. Wireless locks. The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries

The advantage of these locks is easier installation,

the disadvantage is the need to bear the costs of acquiring and replacing batteries.

The lock is also controlled from the external panel, but unlike the previous version, via the radio interface.

For any option, it is also possible to realize the possibility of using a smartphone equipped with an NFC module instead of RFID cards.

открытие двери смартфоном2.jpg

Regardless of which one of the listed implementations of the access control system you have chosen, you get full monitoring and control of the system in real-time from the computer installed at the appropriate workplace of the maintenance staff.