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Equipment and software for the automation of technological processes of varying complexity

Today, more and more different equipment in our daily life surrounds us in order to make it easier and more comfortable. However, a wide variety of such equipment, as well as various approaches to the implementation of the same tasks, creates certain difficulties in managing all this equipment.

The equipment produced by our company allows you to automate various processes of equipment management, monitoring its operating parameters using both personal computers and mobile devices, statistics collection, as well as integration with various software for its further processing.

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контроль доступа
контроль доступа
регулирование температуры
регулирование температуры
измерение температуры
измерение температуры
учёт ресурсов
учёт ресурсов
управление подачей тепла
управление подачей тепла
управление подачей электроэнергии
управление подачей электроэнергии
мониторинг электроснабжения
мониторинг электроснабжения
Управление котельной и тепловым пунктом
Управление котельной и тепловым пунктом

автоматизация котельной с 3-мя источниками тепла и теплового пункта

учет общедомовых ресурсов
учет общедомовых ресурсов

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Why choose us
Fast turnkey Solution

A full range of services for the supply of necessary equipment and software

Qualified customer support

Highly qualified specialists are happy to advise you on any questions at any time.

High level of protection

We use the latest security technologies to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system in any conditions

Find out about the possibilities offered by our system.

Accessibility of control from anywhere

Managing all processes from anywhere in the world via the Internet is as easy as in the immediate vicinity of an object. Use to control whether it is a personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

Custom design

Forget about expensive specialized panels "from the manufacturers" with a rigidly pre-installed user interface. Easily create your own unique control panel design for any device on any platform.

Integration with existing user systems

Easily integrate our system into existing control systems at the facility, thanks to the support of standard interfaces and databases of various formats.


Our way to success

A bit of history

Our company, established in 2001, specializes in the manufacture of electronic devices for various fields of application, including the design and manufacture of devices and devices to order. During this time, the equipment manufactured by us has proved itself in the best way in various construction projects, from villas to large residential complexes. Projects have been implemented in the field of automation of a wide variety of systems such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, access control. Based on our equipment at construction sites, distributed control and dispatch systems were created.

For over ten years, the dominant direction has been the production of equipment for the automation of engineering systems of buildings for various purposes. Today, we offer our customers a self-sufficient line of equipment to solve most of the problems of building automation without additional involvement of equipment from other manufacturers. The quality of our products is not inferior, and in some areas surpasses branded foreign counterparts.


“I never thought that the control of various equipment in our facility could be accessed from one application. Thanks for the handy tool ”

Technical director of the plant  of polystyrene products

“Our company serves a complex that includes ten apartment buildings. Now we spend neither time nor human resources on collecting meter readings. Everything is done automatically ”

“The task of automating control over the entry of vehicles into the territory of our logistics complex was solved professionally, which provided us with operational control over the entire traffic flow. Previously, this task required a lot of human resources. "

Chief engineer of the management company "ZhK Prestige"

The company "Profi Logis"

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